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​​We understand that you have a vested interest in the health and well-being of your employees, but your ability to provide them with a benefit that actually improves their health is limited in the Obamacare era.  When you provide your employees with a membership to a direct care practice, they get 24/7 access to their own personal physician at no out-of-pocket cost to them. Some issues can be addressed without even coming to the office, and there is little to no waiting in the office, preventing time away from work. You get a return on your investment in the form of healthier employees and less absenteeism. Plus, you can leverage this accessible and affordable  care to lower your overall healthcare costs by 33-50%. There are innovative strategies for catastrophic coverage that "wrap around" the direct care in a way that lowers overall cost.  Small businesses can now take advantage of the same self-insured plan design that 75% of larger companies employ to lower costs, using a "stop loss" plan to cap risk.  There are fewer claims processed for primary care visits, urgent care, and high cost imaging studies because of the direct care membership, so the possibility of a partial premium refund is significant.  But the real value to your business is not the cost savings; it is the improvement in health and well-being of your employees that matters most. After all, this is why you give them health benefits in the first place.

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We utilize the Hint Heath platform for employee membership management, allowing you to have whatever level of control you desire over the enrollment process. Unlike health insurance enrollment, your employees can choose the direct care benefit you provide them at any time.  Whether you pay their membership, subsidize it, or include coverage for family members, you can monitor the memberships monthly through Hint Health or leave it up to us.  The process is transparent and simple.      

Health Education

We will work with you to provide your employees with education about health topics of interest and information about disease prevention.  This can be done through a newsletter specific for your employees; through regular webinars; or by speaking periodically at staff meetings.  This increases their engagement in their health by helping them to appreciate the value that you are providing them through their direct care membership, making them more likely to utilize our services. The result for you is return on your investment through reduced absenteeism and more productive employees.    

More companies are realizing that when they provide their employees with onsite clinics or teledoc services, the employees get access to care for acute problems but do not get engaged in their overall health and wellness, which minimizes these services as a "health benefit".  When they provide their employees with access to a network of direct primary care physicians, the employees get a personal physician who knows them and their family history, manages their chronic illnesses as well as their acute problems, and coordinates their care within the healthcare system.  They get an advocate for their health who encourages accountability to improve their health.


After spending 17 years as a family physician in a hospital-owned group practice, I understand the challenges that family physicians face by practicing in a fee-for-service system. Physician burnout is certainly at an all-time high.  The access problem is multi-factorial, but attrition in the primary care workforce due to burnout poses the greatest threat in the near future.  The solution is direct patient care.  When you work directly for your patients, spend 45-60 minutes with them, give them confidence that they can reach you or see you at any time, advocate for them within the healthcare system, everybody wins.  Your patients win.  Their employers win.  You take your life back! So why not change your practice to direct care?  

Some physicians fear loss of financial security.  But when overhead is low and revenue grows quickly due to your participation in the Tampa Bay Direct Care Network, start-up and loan costs are smaller than you think. Whether you are looking to maintain your current income, or are willing to make a little less for the ability to take your life back, we can help you feel confident that you have little to fear.  Some physicians fear having to deal with all the details of owning their own practice.  Running a DPC practice is simplified by the various vendors and services that cater to the DPC model, allowing you to manage your patient population, and billing and collecting, seamlessly at a low cost.  We will give you advice on how to do this.

If you are an early or mid-career physician, you may just have more to lose by continuing the status quo.  Don't let fear of uncertainty or fear of change keep you from taking a step which has low short-term risk and promises long-term reward.  Please contact us so we can help you understand how the forces in healthcare have aligned in a way that enhances the likelihood of your success in making the transition to direct patient care! ​